Being small is the biggest part of being a chihuahua
Barbaras Puppies
Hi, Welcome to our pages of this website. My husband and I breed
chihuahuas.  I fell in love with the little dogs when my daughter
decided to adopt this abused little dog
Tiger..  I was never thrilled
with the little dogs as I had never given them a chance before. But
now I cant imagine my life without a chihuahua. I decided to breed
chihuahuas and attempt to breed a dog with a better personalty
and still stay as close to the standard as possible.  This is not my
first experience with dog breeding as I bred collies  back in Ohio. I
have learned that breeding small dogs is a whole new experience
and I am always learning new things. I try to read all I can on the
internet and  books. I also go to lectures when ever possible on
dog breeding.  Just when I think I know so much, something new
will come up.  Still I have had a pretty good success in my efforts
to breed sound intelegent friendly companion dogs as chihuahuas
are suppose to be.
Although I do try to keep my chihuahuas in the standard size I do
not try to breed them to small by using close line breeding
methods or worce outright inbreeding.  My puppies are usually
around 3 to 6 pounds. Occasionally I get a very small puppy. This
will happen when you try to keep them small even if you do not
inbreed to make them this way.   When I get one I try to find the
best possible home for them with people who already know how to
protect these small puppies or are willing to learn.  You will never
see me raise the price on one of these puppies as I believe that by
doing so, I am encouraging people to use poor breeding methods
to get these small dogs. Thus the future of chihuahuas will suffer.  
What a shame it will be to lose this breed due to greed.

I hope you enjoy your visit to our pages and will come to visit us
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The Truth About Chihuahuas
The Size Matters.
Chihuahuas, as a breed, are the smallest dogs in the world. There is
only one size group for chihuahuas which is considered toy in the
AKC standard for dogs. There are no miniature or t cup for this breed.
Chihuahuas should weigh between 2 to 6 pounds. There is a big
difference in the looks of a 6 pound dog and a 2 pound dog but both
of these sizes fit the standard for a toy dog. One is not considered a
standard and one a miniature and certainly no dog should be referred
to as a t cup to make it look like this is some classification of dog size.
Its a made up word to describe a very little dog for that breed. In
chihuahuas for someone to use the term t cup it would have to weigh
less then 2 pounds. I don't like these false terms being used because I
find myself trying to explain to people that my tiny puppies are just
chihuahuas. People look at me like I am the one uninformed and it is
frustrating to say the least. I refuse to knowingly give false information
and start telling people that my dogs are miniature t cup or standard
because some ignorant group of people incorrectly use the terms.  
People who continue to use these terms make life hard for us who try
to give correct information.  I also think it makes them look uninformed
about the breed they claim to care about. Please, if you find this
information incorrect, prove it to me. Ill stop saying it. If you, the
chihuahua purchaser, want correct information you can go to the
website that describes the standard for dogs and you will see for
yourself who has the correct information. Heres a link
The American Kennel Club has set the standard for dogs for many years. If
we ignore the standard and the terms used to describe the standard then
we start losing some of what pure bred dogs are all about. The history
into what made these breeds what they are starts to get lost. If we breed
these dogs and expect people to actually pay for these breeds then it is
our responsibility as breeders to give correct information.  Nothing as
important as this should be done without research and knowledge. If we
just listen to other uniformed people and adopt their terms then we are
being lazy. For the correct information is so easy to get  I never blame the
consumer for giving false information. After all we as breeders should be
giving them correct information. Consumers are spending a lot of money
to buy a pure bred dog. They have every right to expect the breeders of
these dogs to at least know the terms used to describe their breed. So
here is some information about chihuahuas that is true to the best of my
The Truth About Chihuahuas
There are only 2 types of chihauhuas
There are short coat chihuahuas and long coat chihuahuas. All the
other terms used are just some more terms made up by misinformed
people. Ive heard of deer head, rain deer, t cup, standard,. Where
people got these terms, I cant be sure. Cute as some of them are they
are misrepresenting this breed.  The biggest problem I have with this is
that some people feel it is OK to breed chihuahuas to look different
then what the standard calls for because of some personal preference.
The more people who do this, the more chance we have of losing
something that has been bred into these dogs for many years. I say if
you want a chihuahua to look like a rat terrier, then maybe you should
breed rat terriers. If you love a breed enough to want to breed more
then study what the standard is. You may find that you just like your
dog and you really don't like the breed at all.  I have to admit it was the
opposite for me. Chihuahuas were not my favorite breed although I
love all dogs. The little dog my daughter brought home I thought was
the ugliest thing I ever saw. I admire my daughters ability to see the
inner beauty of things. That ugly dog won me over with his charm,
intelligence and personality. So I looked at the standard and saw that
chihuahuas are actually  cute little dogs if bred right. My daughters
poor dog was not bred by responsible breeders. It wasn't his fault he
was ugly.  So I wanted to breed these dogs. A decision I have not
regretted. I certainly didn't want to breed dogs that looked like that
poor ugly chihuahua so I didn't use him.  I got the best dogs I could
afford at the time. I learned early on that there is much false information
about this breed. I can not imagine what would happen if I listened to
all these false things when I started to breed my dogs. Making
mistakes is one thing. Ive made my mistakes. But not learning form
them is a true shame. Its waisted heartache. The point is breed
chihuahuas to look like chihuahuas. Love chihuahuas for being what
they are. Not something we want them to be. When I started this
someone told me that there are 30 different types of chihuahuas, I
didn't know any better at the time. But I was determined to look up all
these different types of chihuahuas. Needless to say I didn't find but 2
types of chihuahuas.
Chihuahuas are noisy high strung little dogs.
Yes they are! They are also super intelligent, loyal and brave to
a fault. Throw away your alarm system. You don't need one
anymore. You/ll know if someone is braking into your
neighbors house as well as yours. I cant think of a better
security system then a chihuahua and a pit bull. They are
funny, adorable and loving. So don't overlook them because
they are noisy. They have a lot to say.  And Please, watch
where you step.